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GCP - A Review Of The Latest Requirements in the EU & US

This intense one day workshop provides the latest developments in GCP to ensure that you are up-to-date and able to meet the requirements for GCP inspection. To ensure clinical trials meet the requirements of the regulatory authorities it is essential that trials are carried out to the latest GCP regulatory requirements. It is particularly important to keep up to date and be familiar with the recent developments in GCP, and also how these are likely to impact on trials in the future for both pharmaceutical companies and the study sites. Regulatory inspectors expect those involved in clinical trials to be updated with recent developments in GCP - this workshop will be ideal for this. By the end of this course, you will: - be familiar with the most important recent developments which are having an impact on clinical trials. - understand the requirements of the recently issued new CT Directive guidelines and hear feedback from the recent EMEA conference on the problems with the CT Directive. - review changes in Europe and the US GCP requirements having an impact in Europe - understand the key recent GCP developmentsnboth in Europe and the US - be prepared for GCP inspection - have had an opportunity to discuss your issues in order to help you develop your strategies for managing these GCP changes

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